Working for Frazer Jones

The UAE is the Middle East's most cosmopolitan region. While Dubai is seen as the hub of westernisation, Abu Dhabi is close behind. With the 2030 Abu Dhabi plan, there are many projects coming up which require a large number of qualified HR professionals. Qatar and Saudi Arabia also have massive growth projections.

Having been in the Middle East since 2008, we've established ourselves as a market leading specialist in Human Resources recruitment; and through the brand globally, most HR candidates recognise the brand even before they land.

The Middle East is easily accessible to both Europe and Asia Pacific, so we enjoy a large bank of candidates. Many large global multi-nationals use the UAE as a Middle Eastern base and we leverage our global relationships to partner with these companies in the region.

Our team consists of experienced people who have lived in this part of the world for an extended period of time and understand the complexities and intricacies of the Middle East. The pleasant lifestyle and safe living conditions in particular, make the UAE popular; and a major incentive is its status as a free economic zone. You won’t pay any income tax here.

"This is a focused yet fun and rewarding environment."